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22 april 2014

Social dialogue in the industry in 2013


  • An industry wage agreement was signed in March 2013 with retroactive effect on 1 January. It provided for minimum wage increases in the industry of 3% for technical staff and 2.5% for managers compared with the previous agreement, which dated from 1 April, 2011. It also exceptionally increased the GSI (individual wage guarantee) for 2013.

  • The agreement included several measures in respect of the equality of women/men, in favour notably of the business mix and the removal of unjustified differences in remuneration. The agreement also provided for the wage to be maintained for 5 days in respect of absences for paternity leave and the birth of the child, subject to the social security ceiling.

  • In terms of the security of bank branches, in 2013, the quality of the social dialogue in the industry resulted in the drawing up of a common position with all the social partners in order to raise the level of security in light of attacks on ATMs using ram-raid vehicles. The number of armed attacks in bank branches continued to decline (35 in 2013 vs. 68 in 2012). The proper application of prevention procedures therefore helped safeguard customers, employees and sites.

  • Finally, as agreed in the agreement for an unspecified period concluded on 16 December, 2009 regarding incivility, an assessment of the implementation of the agreement was carried out. The social partners were therefore able to note the quality of the systems and procedures put in place by the banks in order to facilitate the reporting of incivility incidents, support and assist employees who are victims and take disciplinary action against their authors.

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