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28 april 2014

Accessing budgetary and banking education, a priority for everybody

Since 2004, the FBF has been conducting a national budgetary and financial education programme aimed at individuals, entrepreneurs and social players.


An economic situation that is deteriorating

  • The current economic situation has generated numerous fragile situations that are limited or more lasting. In 2013, the banking profession set three priority objectives:
    • Transmitting the concerns of people in difficulty in order to better respond to them,
    • Giving the peopel concerned the skills to deal with the situation,
    • Acting on prevention with personal assistance services.

  • Therefore, thanks to a constant presence on the ground among mentors, the keys to banking programme is more reactive. It reaches out to more people since it responds to their daily situation, which explains the substantial increase in traffic on its website in 2013.

  • Three theme-base mini-guides published in 2013 respond to the concrete requests by the public: "Bien réagir en cas de séparation" (Reacting appropriately in the event of separation), "Les démarches en cas de décès" (Procedures in the event of death) and "Comment réagir en cas de baisse de revenus" (How to react in the event of a decline in income).

Numerous information media

  • Les clés de la banque programme is supported by its website and a collection of more than 60 theme based mini-guides. The information is free, regularly updated, and available to all intermediaries whishing to distribute it. A call centre supplements this setup. It receives more than 4,000 contacts per year (telephone and email).

  • In 2013, the mini-guides were downloaded more than 600,000 times on the site, and more than 600,000 copies were distributed in paper format.

  • To make the information even more accessible, new media have been introduced: animations, videoss and even mini-clips, which focus on a short catchline, to encourage internet users to go and seek further information.

Changes in banking mediation

  • In March 2013, Europe adopted a directive on the Extrajudicial Settlement of Disputes (ESD), which shall shortly be transposed into French law. The directive is aimed at all sectors of activity including the banking sector. It will reinforce banking mediation, which is already efficient in France and remains well ahead of the practices of most other economic sectors.

  • The April 2013 recommendations of the Banking Mediation Committee, followed by the banks, already take into account part of the ESD directive.

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