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08 april 2013

A new catalogue of "Management-Level positions in banking"

The banking sector has undergone considerable adjustments in recent years with banks facing tougher regulatory requirements, growing competition, the development of new technology - in particular online banking, changes in customer relations, etc.

New catalogue of
  • To help management-level staff, young people and human resources specialists to understand the wide range of banking professions, the Apec (executive employment agency), the AFB and the Observatoire des métiers, des qualifications et de l'égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes dans la banque (Observatory on professions, qualifications and gender equality in banking) pooled their expertise to draw up a new catalogue of management-level positions in banking.

  • The catalogue includes 17 factsheets that are enhanced with feedback from active managers. The factsheets are grouped into 4 types of position: sales, transaction processing, support functions and risk and control functions.
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