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The reality of banking in France : the FBF communicates  

18 april 2012

On several occasions, the banking profession ussed collective communications aimed at explining bank's role in the French economy and the conditions in which they carry out their business.


Despite a challenging economic environment related to the euro zone crisis, the banks continued to finance the economy and the projects of both individuals and the corporate sector. In order to underline the reality of this situation and respond to the issues raised through oncrete facts, the FBF issued several collective communications by th banking profession signed "Let's talk about banks and let's get serious" as it did for the first time in December 2010. Three pages were therefore distributed in the national and regional daily press during 2011.

15 Febuary

The FBF communication highlighted the increas in loans to households and the corporate sector in 2010. This growth, achieved thanks to the mobilisation of retail banking networks ont the ground, is among the strongest in Europe.

28 July

The FBF recalled, with the help of figures, that the banks did not ask individuals and companies to wait until the end of the crisis in order to finance their projects.

20 an 21 October

The communication restablished several thuths about French banks : they do their job and finance the economy, they do not play with their customers' money, they do not speculate on Greek debt...

Banks image

In 2011, 58% of French people say they have a good image of banks (+6 points vs. 2010) in general : this is the highest level since the beginning of the crisis in 2008. The image of their own bank has also risen to the high level of 75%(1).


(1) IFOP survey, June 2011

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