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21 september 2016

"Basel 4 threatens specialized financing"

In an interview with AGEFI, Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani highlighted the Basel Committee's work and the negative impacts of reshaping banks' risk models.


She recalled that "Basel 4 may discourage the use of advanced models for risk assessment related to specialised financing".

Indeed, "Based on the information available at the end of June, the amount of capital to be mobilized for funding a motorway could be multiplied by almost six in the construction phase, and nearly four in the operation phase. For aircraft finance, the ratio would be from one to seven. "

Finally, Marie-Anne Barbat-Layani stressed that "the Ecofin must be regularly informed of the Basel Committee's work, to assess the consistency between monetary policy, economic policy and banking regulations. It is clear that Basel 4 contradicts the political objective of stimulating investment in infrastructure in Europe with the Junker Plan ".

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