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14 may 2021

FBF PRESS RELEASE - 15 May 2021: strong authentication implemented for all online purchases

Starting on 15 May 2021, French banks are calling for strong authentication, in conjunction with the payments ecosystem, for online purchases. As mentioned in the press release of 15 April 2021, this is the final step of the migration to strong authentication as provided for by the PSD2.

07 may 2021
services bancaires

FBF’s response to OFE report on VSE/SME access to banking services

Funding the economy, and especially VSEs/SMEs, is the top priority of French banks. Their commitment to their customers is reflected in their support and personalised approach, practised nationwide. The FBF welcomes the report published by the Observatoire du financement des entreprises (OFE - Corporate Finance Observatory) on VSE/SME access to banking services, which underscores the close relations maintained by French banks with professional customers.

04 may 2021
Stress tests

Press Release – The driving force of the Paris financial centre and progress made in the fight against climate change have been underscored by the results of the ACPR climate stress tests

The ACPR (French Prudential Supervisory and Resolution Authority) conducted a pilot climate study in order to assess the resilience of French economic operators, especially banks, to raise the awareness of financial institutions of the importance of incorporating climate change risks, and to identify areas for improvement in terms of data and resources. The results speak volumes: the Paris financial centre plays a key role in the climate transition, and concrete progress has been made in combating climate change since the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015.

28 april 2021

In July 2019, the operators of the Paris financial centre, represented by Finance for Tomorrow and Paris Europlace, took on new commitments for green, sustainable finance. These included creating a Sustainable Finance Observatory to record the achievements and commitments made by financial organisations in this area.

The new Observatory was launched on Climate Finance Day in October 2019. It is the first of its kind on a global scale, with the ambition of contributing to transparency, oversight and assessment of the financial sector’s gradual transformation.

28 april 2021

Launch of the Stimulus Equity Loans: A tool to help the recovery by investing in SMEs and Mid-cap companies

On 4 March, the terms of the Stimulus equity loans were presented. These loans were jointly developed by the State, French banks and investors, notably insurers. These Stimulus equity loans are an original tool for companies with development projects that require boosting their balance sheet. They will be available from the start of May 2021 in the banking networks. This scheme, involving banks and investors, with a State guarantee, is based on a balanced calibration for the stakeholders while remaining simple for the companies.



The French Banking Federation publishes The Banking Industry in 2020 14 april 2021

The French Banking Federation publishes The Banking Industry in 2020

The French Banking Federation publishes its annual report "The Banking Industry in 2020", which highlights the actions and great challenges of the industry in 2020".

FBF - The banking industry 2020.pdf [1425 ko]

The French banking sector - Facts and Figures 2020 13 november 2020

The French banking sector - Facts and Figures 2020

Find the main figures of the French banking sector – November 2020.

Facts and figures - november 2020.pdf [687 ko]

Developing capital markets in Europe 19 february 2020

Developing capital markets in Europe

Memo n°9 – The French Banking Federation has published a memo on the developing capital markets in Europe.

FBF - Memo 9 - Developing capital markets in Europe.pdf [931 ko]

PSD2 and security issues 20 september 2019

PSD2 and security issues

Memo n° 8 - The French Banking Federation updates its memo on the Payment Services Directive PSD2 and the issues of security for customer data and payment systems.

MEMO_08_PSD2.pdf [694 ko]

Employment in banks 23 october 2020

Employment in banks

The French Banking Federation has published a memo on employment in the French banking industry.

MEMO 05 - Employment in banks_october 2020.pdf [938 ko]

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